I couldn't go to your birthday party.

She is always very affectionate with her relatives.


I heard my name called in the dark.

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

I can't hear you well.

I think we should help them.

I was meaning to get around to that.

Norbert is probably Brandy's closest friend.

I couldn't tell you who that was.


This will erode our credibility.

I got an excellent grade on the test, and that makes me very happy.

That would be a terrible way to die.

Nikolai never killed anyone.

"Do you want to try?" "Why not?"

Donovan walks his dog every afternoon as soon as he gets home.

Could you gift wrap it?


Please let me go and see her.

Did Laurent ask about us?

I need that medicine.

Be my guest.

I tried to get Himawan to help us.

I'm slightly worried about Blair.

She got over a shock.

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Tovah answered all of Joe's questions.

A few people mentioned they would like to attend some sessions later in the day on the Technical Session Agenda.

Lawrence did exactly as he was told.

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Do you think I should tell my parents about us?

I'll write to you.

I asked for a table over there.


Sheila ignored me today.


Here's one of my favorites.

I like to build bridges.

I would like to talk with him in person.


We haven't done well.


Marcia will get here soon.

I'd never hurt them.

I can see you right now.

Remain at your post until relieved.

Alf had not liked being a supply teacher; students would often cut up and play baffling tricks.


We're getting married three months from now.


Do you think you can help us?

It took me several hours to reprogram it.

I know that I have to be better.


Sylvan knew that he was going to need some help.


Walking along this street, I often see a friend of mine.

I really want you to meet Brett.

Dan didn't even have the slightest idea which part of London he was in.


Could I use your pencil?

They were responsible for the accident.

We saw the ground covered with snow.


A lot of people are killed in automobile accidents every year.

"Good morning. You're late today, aren't you?" "Yeah, I got a bit caught up."

Tomorrow is convenient for me to call on you.

He's quick in forming relationships with women.

There is no bus available at this time.

He got out his pen.

Who destroyed it?


You should've come by train.

I enjoyed myself last night.

She got off at the next station.

I think he is forty years old.

Shutoku is a very fast swimmer.

What are you doing in my room?

The questions came fast and furious from the large number of reporters who had gathered outside the courthouse.

A cheap drink makes you ill.

I'm glad you were able to come.


He gazed down at her and smiled.

His failure led him to drink every night.

The sale of cigarettes should be banned.

Who runs the fastest of the three?

The test was easy.

I hid behind the tree.

Malloy was afraid he might do something he'd regret.

He really gets into anything he tries.

Time: That which man is always trying to kill, but which ends in killing him.

She always takes her time in choosing her dress.

We had no time to finish our report.


Ofer was dressed all in black.

Being poor, he can't buy it.

You don't know that for sure, do you?

I haven't felt like this since I was a teenager.

That vending machine is out of order.

Children are dying.

Lenny scared us.


The company's stock price jumped yesterday.

Manuel told us not to be afraid.

Her eyes widened.

I intend to give this to her.

Is he the owner of this house?

I went to the doctor today

You wanted to get your mom back for everything she put you through.

I didn't understand the joke.

I have never voted for the left-wing politics in France and I'm not going to start now.


I'm a mess.

You don't have the guts.

She interrogated a suspect.

Nature is like a book that wants to be read and properly understood.

Norman helped me out.

Somebody called. Guess who?

If you don't like Lindsay, just try to avoid him.

The president left Washington in early September.

Can a person go mad like this?


Would you mind if we spoke French instead?

What information are you requesting?

The good news cheered me up.

People around me say that you are very outgoing.

We live in the neighborhood of the school.

Call Laura and tell him where we are.

I'm taking pictures of everything I own.


The new fact has come to light.

After I graduated from college, I spent two years traveling around the world.

If you don't go to school, then you won't learn anything.


Coming right up, sir.

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You don't need to go.

Sarah is a compulsive liar.

I hope you all liked it and that you all come back soon.

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There is a toy shop in the neighborhood.

We've discussed this before.

Early agriculturalists often show similar patterns of tooth decay to modern people.

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Whatever he asks you, you mustn't answer.

It was a fair game.

I wanted you to know Bert will be OK.

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Who will the new teacher be?


Where is the information counter?

You're both crazy.

Pablo didn't seem to remember us.

She stayed in that area for a short while.

Who told you where my office was?

Soohong sat on the beach thinking about all the happy times she'd shared with Micky.

We'll stop here for today.

I think you should choose him.

What in the heck are you trying to say?

It is our rainy season.

Your words make me feel bad.


To my shock, he killed himself by taking poison.

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Why don't you just go home?

They labored day after day.

Barrett wasn't sleeping when I got home.

It looks like I need some practice.

Why are you disliked here?

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This time, you've crossed the line!


I'm afraid I've got bad news.


Maurice walked out into his backyard.

You can come in.

We're waiting for them.


I'm not going to do that unless you help me.


When Nicole heard that her favorite singer had died, she burst into tears.

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You're not rich, are you?

Cynthia died a few years ago.

My daughter likes summer fruits, such as cherries, watermelons and peaches.


That's really what he ate.


There are two staircases in my house.

Hwa is disobedient and rebellious.

What a great discovery!

I fell off my bike.

I've only just come back.


Remember your promise.


Things are getting out of control here.


Nothing disturbs her.