Did you find what you were looking for?

I'll let Malcolm tell you.

You're a smart kid, aren't you?

Can I be honest?

It is you who is to blame.

List says that he's never done that.

I think what you want is over here.

Think thanked Spy for the present.

How long do you play tennis every day?

Pilar made a false statement to the police.

The more you play, the better you'll get.

By the time human civilization was a million years old, it had achieved mastery of faster-than-lightspeed voyages.

As soon as I can afford it, I plan to travel around the world.

This earthquake took a hundred and fifty lives, as well.

Florian is still alive and well.


You should go now.


At home I have a Espresso maker.

I regret lying to Bertrand.

Shawn told me you were planning on dropping out of school.

How do you account for the accident?

He continued to walk all day.


Venus is called the Evening Star. It is called this because it looks so bright to us from Earth.

My father boasts of the fact that he has never had a traffic accident.

She is not young.

Is it that late?

I'm a sucker for happy endings.

Judy decided to wear her new bikini.

This is a weird one.

Love is like measles - everyone should experience it.

If the weather had been nice yesterday, we would have gone to the zoo.

What if Dorothy doesn't make it?

What is your favorite color and why?

I see you every now and then.

This caterpillar will become a beautiful butterfly.


Kyu slept on the floor.

Space certainly had an interesting story to tell.

He is an environmentalist.


Leo looks flustered.

His shoes are wearing thin.

Japan is a country in which there are many earthquakes.

Don't make promises that you cannot keep.

I'm sure Erick will get over it.


Computers are used to send messages by e-mail.


Is there any place in particular that you'd recommend I visit while I'm in Boston?

Lucy likes Clarissa.

Spike doesn't want to have to fight you.


I will go cycling even if it rains.

Isidore didn't think he could pass the test without cheating.

"Why?" asked the daughter, a trifle irritated.


Daren went into the kitchen to get something.

When can you leave?

Kirsten wants to be treated like everyone else.

Do you think Jean would mind if I came with you guys?

Dawson doesn't have forks or knives. He eats everything with spoons.


About eighty thousand spectators packed into the stadium last night.

It is boiled just enough.

Time Square is empty.


I lost an earring.

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These are your instructions.

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Cooperate with your friends in doing the work.

If you want to sit down, then go ahead and sit down.

Haven't I told you not to call me Donn?

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Have you seen a brown wallet around here?


Galen said he didn't have time to read the newspaper this morning.

He asked me if I wanted to go abroad.

For some inexplicable reason, the flimsy shack survived the storm.

This global company follows GAAP.

Your dad shook down the yakuza.


The rest doesn't matter.

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Enjoy Edinburgh!

Colin nodded approval.

Hugh told Cathy to go back home.

When do you go back to Japan?

Sanche didn't realize Harv was serious.


I wanted to make sure you were here.

I cannot bleat like a sheep. I'm a shepherd dog.

I'm going to get some more coffee.

You should give him another chance.

Don't let him drink any more.

That would make sense.

It was not difficult to pretend to be my mother.


She is eating.

What day of the week is Tuesday?

We'll be safe as long as we stay here.


I ate pohe for breakfast.

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Be careful of Marsha.

Actually I wrote her a card.

I am using this term in Emmet's sense to refer to the psychological rules of language use.

Kathy is getting better day by day.

You'd better not have gone out with my girlfriend.

Lorien made a fist.

Clearly, they have more important things to worry about.


We could see "Cabinet of Dr. Bagoff" written next to the door.

She will have to be by herself during her stay at Oxford.

Rex ducked down behind his desk.

I actually love my job.

I go monthly to the hairdresser.

We have to find a way to stop it.

Will you be home for dinner?

The school didn't take place today.

It rarely snows here in the winter.

I feel like we shouldn't be doing this.

I'm going to spend the weekend in Boston.

I helped her do some chores.

We've got a lot of stuff left to do.


Was Lorien very busy?


The house fell down a week later.

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Rebellion it always sells at a profit.




Old men are children twice over.

It was careless of me to forget to lock the door.

Sherri couldn't imagine that Lum would really say that.


Stay with Penny for a moment.

My son likes outdoor sports, such as baseball, tennis and soccer.

Orville hardly speaks any French.

Ning waited outside in the hallway.

Anthony has a pizza oven in his backyard.

No wonder you're frantic.

I am getting a cold.

What would you tell her?

We tried everything.

I had not a little difficulty in bringing the truth home to him.

Where's the nearest telephone booth?

It looks like Malus won the race.

What am I supposed to dip in the fondue?

She didn't show up at the party, but nobody knows why.

It blew my mind.

Who cares what everyone else thinks?

What we have here is a failure to communicate!

I'm happy, cause I'm learning some Dutch.

Lynn is trying to get it right.

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We've gotten some complaints about Kristian's behavior.

Winter is cold, but I like it.

Jonathan couldn't talk to Vern.

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Do I need to go right away?


Sally comes here every other month.

He had a prejudice against women drivers.

We kept the fire burning.


Darci was there for me.

I want to go to America some day.

I'm ready to respond.


He lives in that house over there.

I'm hoping to find him.

I'm sorry. It was just a slip of the tongue.

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You're productive.

The words fail you just when you need them.

There's something I think you need to know.


I'm here, too.

Do you have friends in your year?

What time do you have dinner?


Where is the nearest telephone?


We were woefully unprepared.

Her uncle agreed to pay part of her tuition.

Weapons are forbidden here.

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I don't trust her.

The stalk is a little bigger around than your little finger.

I called you three or four times, but you never answered your phone.

Novorolsky is Les's boyfriend.

I can't do anything to stop what's happening.


The studio is very small, with no place to hide.