GapCross Version 1.0.045 Released

Release date: 10/19/2017 New Features: You can now select a Sample to see an example of a GapCross Program. You can also use these as templates for your own customizable Programs.  Samples include: Construction Site Safety Inspection, to verify that employees and job sites are kept safe and to code, Food Safety Inspection, to help inspectors through 8887637236


GapCross Version 1.0.044 Released

Release date: 9/28/2017 New Features: Added a link to report bugs, by clicking on a help dialog (). Improved UI when filtering results. Added help information dialogs to Creating, Sharing and Collaboration screens. Updated UI of Creating, Sharing, and Collaboration dialogs. Added a way to show non-image attachments on reports. Fixed Bugs: Fixed problems with 702-678-6767



Release date: 9/26/2017 New Features: Sharing, Collaboration, and Publishing with anyone who has an email address: Create tasks for others to assess. Share your project and let them create and assign the tasks. Live Collaborate with many users at once to complete your programs. New UI to handle the updates in this version. You now can modern-made


Hurricane Irma reveals need for improved Disaster Readiness

GapCross news for September 15, 2017 New Audit Features Testing of the Sharing and Collaboration features has been completed. Two small issues are being resolved. Release 1.0.043 will be next week. GapCross will continue as a free beta offering through October 2017. The developers are working on improved Audit Scoring using some greatly enhanced Expression Building …See More


GapCross Version 1.0.042 Released

Release date: 9/7/2017 New Features: Added a method of attaching images during an assessment, by either uploading a file or using your device’s camera. Updated reports to show added images taken during an assessment. Improved the title of the “Add Flag” dialog to provide more direction to users adding flags. Minor updates to the styling (229) 646-8344



Release date: 8/25/2017 Fixed bug that was introduced in release 1.0.040 that disabled the ability to reorder sections.  


GapCross Version 1.0.040 Released

Release date: 8/22/2017 New Features: Greatly improved performance to handle Internet Explorer crashes. Added a 404 page when linked to invalid pages. Removed flags showing during assessments. They are still shown on reports. Removed Complete button from assessments until you can actually complete the assessment. Fixed Bugs: Using the button “Skip Ahead” during assessment: on question …See More



Release date: 8/7/2017 New Features: Created, for user support and helpful tips when working with GapCross. Updated the user interface for reports. Users can now export to a spreadsheet in CSV format, print to a printer, or save to a PDF (to save to a PDF, click on the print button, and change your …See More



Release date: 7/28/2017 New Features: Implemented Help buttons throughout GapCross, to assist new users. Sections that have been turned off with visibility, are now hidden during assessments. Changed wording to avoid confusion when authoring text type questions with min/max length requirements. Improved sign up verification screens. Updated Visibility and Flag dialog titles to show which …See More


GapCross Custom Assessments – Question Visibility

Visibility is used to display follow-on questions only if applicable based on the answer to a previous question or set of questions. For example, on a property inspection assessment if the question “Is there a swimming pool?” is answered with “No”, then visibility rules are used to omit follow-on questions about the presence of swimming pool safety 6462052774