I was not conscious of a man looking at me.

Jerrie nodded sympathetically.

That just sounds stupid.

Party at my house tonight! Drinks on me!

We won't have a problem.

Should I make my bed every day?

You are the first to arrive.

I heard Barney won't be at school tomorrow.

I hardly recognized them.

I really like this video.

It was obvious to everyone that the marriage would sooner or later end in divorce.

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I'm taking over.

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I will go to see him instead of you.

I think he's too shy to talk to you.

The time will come when you'll regret it.


Valeria is afraid to go home.


During that winter, writing occupied most of my free time.

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It is more blessed to give than to receive.


The Giants got clobbered yesterday.

Could you do me a big favor?

Marsha isn't too happy.


Can someone tell me where the keyboard is?

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The baby crawled on hands and knees.

To fly big passenger airliners calls for long training and experience.

Did Tommy say anything to you about Mario?

The President has directed his Administration to work to cut carbon pollution through clean energy and energy efficiency.

I'm not going alone.

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You should've come by train.

Tomas was afraid to go to sleep.

She might know that we are here.

He has a massive comic book collection, with an estimated combined value of over a thousand dollars.

I will teach you how to skate next Sunday.


This law can be interpreted in many ways.


Malaclypse wants me to follow him.


The Titanic was believed to be practically unsinkable.

The woman was so surprised as to be speechless.

Tell Lester that I'm not at home.

We are watching.

I wanted to buy one of those, too.

He said good-bye to the family.

It's too depressing.

Where can I buy coffee?

The masses are entirely ignorant of the segregation problem.


He felt sad because he lost his father.


I blew the candle out.

We'll be in Boston for three months.

That's just awesome.

Contemplating the reason for existence means contemplating non-existing things.

I don't think it's going to be easy.

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Perry will follow you.

Don't go outside. It's raining hard.

This dish is delicious.

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Leon was unable to control himself any longer.

Many antibiotics come from fungi.

Ross and June don't get along together.


The station isn't far from here.

Those men are of a generation.

"Lead me not into temptation," said the frog to the fly.

The towel counted for nothing.

He does everything carelessly.

I claimed damages against him.

There sure is a lot of traffic today.

What's his motive for committing murder?

Winston is on the telephone.

Did you take him home?

I own a miniature schnauzer.

They intended to drill for oil.

If anything happens, call me.

Bradley is extremely smart.

I can't go with you. I have an engagement.


He'd do anything for you.


I assumed you would come.

Has anybody talked to Tahsin?

I want to emphasize this point in particular.

We found out that the house is infested with garter snakes. They're everywhere.

If the concrete is not reinforced with high-quality steel, it will be worthless.


I'm not sure I really know what to do.


Have you made any plans?

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I heard that song before.


I had the same problem.

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Where in Europe would you like to visit?


Lori picked up his rifle, aimed and fired.

On July 20 1969, Neil Armstrong left the Lunar Module Eagle and became the first human to set foot on the Moon. He was soon followed by his fellow astronaut, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin.

She knew better than to argue with him.

Have you seen anyone else?

We had no choice.

We could both go.

What is your riddle?


Here's a photo of her.

She advised him to exercise.

"Ruche" is literally French for "beehive," but means something quite a bit different in English. If you use your imagination, however, you can see some similarities.

Some people think that there are too many lawyers in this country.

"When will you come back?" "It all depends on the weather."

I had to stop her.

Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and pine nuts are dry fruits.

Remember to post the letters tomorrow.

She eats nothing other than fruit.


It'll be a long ordeal.

Love will triumph.

Why is the Moon larger when it rises and sets, than when it is high in the sky?

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The people were bruised and the cities were on their knees.

The minister had to resign.

In the era of email, I'm so happy when a friend sends me a real letter.

We argued the whole time.

She reminds me of someone.

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That's about it for today.


He promised to come, but hasn't turned up yet.

The Great Depression started in 1929 and ended in the 1930's.

I don't need more information.

Remember what Nou was talking about yesterday?

I know that sooner or later I'm going to have to do that.


That was a horrible shock.


Dan saw Linda with another man.


She gave my elbow a little jog.


Are you saying that Shakil can't understand French at all?

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You should've stayed out of this.

That was an interesting read.

I had a great time tonight.

Philippe speaks no French.

When I have a cold, I cannot taste anything.

It's pretty weird.

How does that change anything?

Why won't you look at me?

I hope everything goes well.


Would you mind if I told Brandy about this?


The newspapers gave a lot of space to the affair.

I would like to live in a castle.

Yvonne sawed the logs in half.

I believe the ship will arrive on schedule.

I wonder why Hsi did that.

Did you think about me at all?

It is contrary to the morals.


I'm not sure what I've done to offend you.

I wonder what Gabriel told Ramesh.

Saad pretended she was sick to avoid going to school.

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What was he doing when you saw him?

Why can't Frederic come?

It will be three months before our new school building is completed.

"You're not my real sister. You were adopted." "That's not true!"

I have a different job now.

Julie is extroverted, isn't he?

If it rains tomorrow, will you stay at home?

Is the shop close?

Construction materials are expensive at the moment.

It would be great if you could sing.

I have to take some photos for my class project.


What's the problem with me going there instead of you?

Control yourself.

I like to ride motorcycles.

Many landforms on Mars appear to have been shaped by flowing water.

Excuse me, where are the eggs?

I have dinner plans with Tareq.

He called a lot of people.

Pratapwant listens to Fox News.

I didn't fall asleep until after 2 o'clock in the morning.

Alain is the only one who can handle this.

I'm cold.

Illness prevented him from attending the meeting.

I'm used to waiting.