It could be anybody.

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No passengers were injured.

I've never been so embarrassed in my life.

Be careful: We capitalize nationalities, days of the week, and languages in English.

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The news may be true.

Seth has a big family.

Debi and Indra pitched their tent near the stream.

We got married.

I can't believe that this is real.

If you are wrong, I am wrong too.

I ate three hot dogs.

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I still dream about Germany.


Don't you ever cheat on me, you foxy!

Sal is quite an athlete.

It's nothing personal, Dan. I'm just doing my job.

About thirty insurgents were killed.

You need to get to a hospital.

She has red hair, so they gave her the nickname "Carrot-Top".

I'm not letting Eddie go.

I didn't know much about them.

Everyone should exercise their right to vote.

It's not safe here.

Get out of my sight.

Cars are now available in a wide range of prices.

May I use your dictionary?

I am so lonely.

I haven't given the money to Pria yet.

He is regarded as the best doctor in the village.

May I talk with you?

It's still a long way to the top of the mountain.

Is this the train for New York?


We used to call him Noam.

This would be a mistake.

He's a fop.

Nothing's missing.

I forgot to tell Swamy what he was supposed to do.

I need to go to sleep before midnight.

I was about to go when he came.

I haven't made up my mind sufficiently enough to agree with you.

I want to use this.


They were very appreciative.


I have to hand in my report by next Wednesday.


We agreed to start early the next morning.

They did not protest working long hours for low pay.

Can you get Pieter to help?

I suggest you turn around and go back home.

I think I'd better stay here.

I appreciate the invitation.

Dan was pushed under a moving train.

Do you see that cloud that almost looks like a camel?

This is in itself not new for me, but the couple wanted to live in a comfortable home, which called for an extensive renovation.

There are a lot of fish in that lake.

Roxie stared at his coffee mug.

He seems ill.

It's a secret.

I can't do without her help.

Are you scared to tell him?

He always drinks black coffee.

Can you spare me a few minutes? I'd like to have a word with you.

You have the right to consult a lawyer.

Why don't you wait in the car while I go into the store?

Get on your horses.

Will you wait a moment?

It was a partial success.

A virus infected Pilot's computer.

Trevor is waiting for somebody.

I didn't apologize.

The party was not altogether pleasant.

Where's the closest pharmacy?


Only your stubborn opinions have to be listened to.

He would sometimes talk with the soldiers.

Cut off that curl!


Her brother has been missing for a while now.

He is so strong as to lift it.

He can be relied on.

I thought there was somebody in the meeting room.

Carlos likes to travel.

I'm quite embarrassed now.

Who's your favorite female rapper?


The two boys cooked their meal between them.

I had gray hair.

The question threw him off his balance.

I do believe in ghosts.

I'll miss you after you've gone.

Les admitted that he didn't eat the cake that his girlfriend had baked for him.

I almost got robbed.

Is the museum of art around here?

Confucius said: "He who does not drink tea is a fool."


It's too late. I'll see you home.

You know I don't like lying.

There're more than 100 people in the room.

He laughed loudly, which behavior seemed inappropriate.

Julianto was amused.

I feel excited.

They managed to save Ricardo.

Phiroze sighed profoundly.

We've got our own problems.


My husband and I are going on Sunday to see the ballet, Carmen, performed by the National Ballet Company at the Four Seasons Centre.


Is that who I think it is?

I have enough time for that.

The important thing is to have your own hobby.

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I didn't think you went to college.

Rodent doesn't have any chance of winning.

He is too little to take the book from the shelf.

I helped Joanne fill out the application form.

That's not what they're going to talk about.


You should talk this over before it gets to be too big a problem.

Is there anyone else who wants to eat?

They carry firearms.

I reported the theft of my car to the police.

I'm going to be right here.

I was the one who dug this hole.

I wish Byron was here with me today.

You may as well come with me.

Do you see that ship near the island?


They call her Lena.

We don't smoke, but be willing to sit and smoke.

Thanks for being here.

Heating water does not change its chemical composition.

I will establish myself as a lawyer.


The guests in the international hotel often nod and smile.

They're attacking us.

She is Canadian.

Can't we start over?

They are no longer recognizable.

One large fries and two medium cokes.

Why should you be surprised?

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John Glenn was selected as one of seven Project Mercury astronauts in 1959. In February of 1962, he became the first American to orbit Earth.

David always wanted a daughter.

Do you know where the leak is?

We can't promise that.

Why didn't you help her?


The rumor is not true as far as I know.

Where is your child?

Don't say bad things about others.

Someone broke my camera.

Gunter looked a bit surprised.

After this he went down to Capernaum with his mother and brothers and his disciples.

Where are they right now?

Chemistry can be very complex.

She fooled me into giving her the money.


I am not French.

Please give me back my pen.

I love the way you treat me.

What's the question?

How about going to see a movie tonight?

Can I tell him?

I knew many of your faults, but lying is a new one to me.

Things are tense.

The tongue has no bones but is strong enough to break hearts.

They say that the cabinet will fall.

I lost my composure.

I don't see anything.

Send for the doctor.


The two of you are in cahoots against me!


Ranjit felt himself growing impatient.

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The mayor won the election.

Kiki's gone down two pant sizes since he's been working out.

It's much too dangerous here.

The United States are a republic.

I left a message for him.

This theory is too difficult for me to comprehend.

Throw food at those who throw stones.

Perhaps we could discuss your problem now.

It seems perfect.

Are all of these people your friends?

We have a lot of friends.

Hans needs us to show him the way.

There was a box inside the box.


Please tell me when to serve the food.

Irving asked Isidore to open the door.

I want you to forget everything you saw today.

Sharks are friends.

For a pillow like this all men do yearn but that - quite frankly - is not my concern.