That would be less painful.

I don't have time to do that.


When will you depart for Paris?

I won't be a moment.

Would you mind coming earlier next time?


Let them sleep.

She made much use of milk in her cooking.

Serdar paused briefly.

Please show me the meaning of word.

He behaved badly to his sons.


Our school burned down.

I'm starting to get bored.

Alain wanted to be alone.

Don't you ever laugh?

He helps us.

I'm epileptic.

The flower will come out soon.


I heard that one way to stay healthy is to avoid eating any food with unpronounceable ingredients.

Clara got up from behind the desk.

I've already done everything you've asked me to do.


She's bad.

You've been studying this problem for a while. What do you think the solution is?

Leora started crying as well.

He stressed that they must arrive punctually.

I love your apartment.

This a personal matter.

I don't know why it's happening.

This water isn't fit to drink.

Had he been there, would you have wanted to come?

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Let's wait till Lorenzo wakes up.


Bring in lunch for the children.

Juha was my very first patient.

This room gets sunshine.

Bob was born in the same year as you.

Shakespeare knew only a little Latin, but he put the little he knew to very good use.

Why don't you just sell it?

I speak French to my father and English to my mother.

Why did you help me escape?

Sassan and Tomas just wanted to dance with each other all evening.

I'd like to know where you are.

Someone get me a tissue.

It's warm under the blanket.

I'm studying to be an artist.

Jennie was eager to go home.

I'm feeling a little blue today.

He put on high airs with his learning, and he was not popular.

If you push a button,either you will die or you will live.


Dan stood trial for the first degree murder of Linda Smith.


If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

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Stop your bellyaching.

My father seldom smokes.

Your name stands first on my list.

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By Jove! I forgot my wallet!

Keiko is at the head of her class.

The wound is not yet healed.

If you don't want to buy some unnecessary thing, don't go to the fair.

Siegurd has a terrible crush on Jan.

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Winnie handed Will the binoculars.


He put up a brave and lone struggle, but up against such heavy odds he couldn't get his business plan accepted.

Saudi Arabia does not issue tourist visas.

I've been to Italy many times.

I want you both to get them.

Dave bought his camera at this store about three months ago.

You're creative.

Plutonium-244 has a half-life of 80 million years.

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Do you live there?

I enjoy swimming.

Do you walk to school?

We have a lot more milk in the refrigerator.

Helge has promised to help us.


She has come up with the right answer once again.

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If it's Trying, we've got problems.

I don't want trouble.

Skef doesn't live in Boston now.


Lea didn't speak to me at all.

This is a fantastic place.

He likes to play kickball.

The boy asked his mother a question.

Now it's starting to retract into something.

"You don't have to queue for my car," he offers.

I should get going now.

Mortal enemies are immortal friends.

We haven't received any help from anyone.

He's very important to me.

Angela made me help him.

I assure you this is only temporary.

Tell Sugih I'll sign the contract.

Did you really stay home all night?

All of our meetings are in French.

The main idea of the plot is not clear.

What's the name?

Tell her yourself.

We have an important meeting next week to prepare for.

God knows.

The last name Santos is very popular in Portuguese.


I have confidence in your ability to win.

They like to chop wood.

Turn off the light, please.


Wear torn clothes if you must, but be independent.

Janet's troublemaking days are over.

Don't act like a bull in a china shop.

May I make a suggestion about it?

Charleen says he was hungry.

My mom bought me this toy when I was 8.

I'm not a junior high school student.

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I keep getting lost in thought about that.

Sometimes I feel like a burden to the people around me.

John was trained in information systems, but he doesn't work with computers.

He always wears a blue shirt.

Christian had a little too much.

I've been there a lot.

Has Suyog arrived?

Isaac has lived in Boston since 2013.

You shouldn't break promises.


That he is in love with her is true.

The boy caught a large fish.

There were a lot of cars on the street.

If something goes wrong, you should attend to it at once.

I want you to go for me to my friend the Serpent King, in his beautiful country at the world's end. Twelve years ago he built a castle on some land of mine. I want you to ask for the rent for those twelve years and also to find out from him what has become of my twelve ships which sailed for his country three years ago.

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I never worried about her.

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This is for you, I think.

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All the characters of this comic are girls.

Heavy rains fell for more than a day.

It wasn't all bad.

Sunil had to change the past.

We just have to stick together.

I am a seagull.

Be the matter what it may, we must persevere.

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I wish she were alive now.


I'm so drunk now that I'm seeing two keyboards.


He gave not a word in reply.

It took some 150 years of struggling for women to gain the freedom they have today.

I knew something was up.

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We like looking at what we are good at seeing.

You talked to her, didn't you?

We study French.

It would be best if you did everything Sonja asks you to do.

One way to learn a foreign language is to interact with native speakers of that language.


Part came here by himself.


He promised me to come at four.

Those who have a long hair own a blow-dryer.

Steven has a weird sense of humor.

We have to be respectful to our seniors.

We still haven't found them.

It's not like the movies.

I couldn't attend that party because I was sick.

I'm not willing to do that.

Military law was declared in some areas.

Spy has money. However, he's not all that happy.

I play guitar with a band every Saturday night.

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I don't care about what other people think.

I'd like to see her at 2:30.

This boy eats bread.


He has consistently been an advocate for the poor and downtrodden.

Omar is able to drive a car.

There are limits to my knowledge.

We aren't sure what should be done.

Do what's best for her.


Vince has just lost his job.

She wired she was coming soon.

Laurie is from Australia.


It will take time for him to recover from his wounds.

You had better not eat too much.

Mine is not so good as yours.

We'll go home.

Bert is being watched.